As you know, we have always worked so hard to bring you a fantastic day out in the shadow of the magnificent Wentworth Woodhouse, and we have always prided ourselves on our safety.  It’s a family day out and we’ve always worked hard to make sure that your family is as safe as possible. We work with the best safety team in the event business, and as organisers we have the utmost trust of Rotherham Council and all the blue light services.
This year will be no different, but we can’t escape one glaring fact. 

June 5th, the country won’t be ready.

We just won’t. Even the most optimistic of our advisers tell us that we will still be in some kind of tier system by then that will mean that we will be subject to restrictions. And, restrictions aside, we just want you to be safe. We’ve lost people through the COVID pandemic, and we don’t want you to.

So once again we have to move the date. It’s going to be massive.


We’re told that we’ll be fine, up and running and fit to boogie. We’ve checked the weather; It’s the same average temperature as June and there is LESS rainfall. Also, it gets darker two hours earlier which means the stage will look FANTASTIC!

We are working to make sure that the same acts can make it, and we’ll announce a full comedy and new music tent line up soon.

Change is rubbish, but I’m sure that you can see that we are doing this in everyone’s best interest.

All tickets dated June 2020 or June 2021 will be valid for September 18th.

It’s been such an awful time. We’ve fallen for all the false promises and new dawns and tried to sell tickets for events that haven’t happened due to the calamitous organisation we have seen. We need to take charge here to make sure that you are all safe and that the day can go ahead.


We know that most of you will be able to make the date, but if you can’t we’d ask if you could try a couple of options. Could you gift your tickets? This is a great day out as you know, if you can’t make it why not give someone a fantastic early Christmas present.

If you don’t know anyone to give them to, you could drop them into Wentworth Shop in an envelope that says NHS on it, and we will make sure that they go to some of our amazing NHS team who have worked so hard to get us through this.

If you do need a refund, we can process that, but it may take us a couple of weeks to get sorted. The festival was pretty much paid for in 2020, then pulled from under our feet before we could get the sales in. Don’t worry, we’ve worked hard to make sure that we are definitely here! If a refund is your only option, then please email

There we go. What a year. It’s been awful, but I swear there is only one place to be to celebrate getting out of lockdown, and that will be with you on September 18th.

Hands, Face, Space. Please stay safe, ‘cos we can’t wait to see you.

Toby and Steve.